Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Life Adversity Coach





What story has a hold on you?
What story has defined you?
What story have you hidden from the world?
What story are you ready to own?

We all have our own stories. We decide how much power to give our stories and how much power our story has over our lives.

We spend so much time and energy wrapped up in the identity of “our stories” that we forget that we have the power to re-write it. The work is in learning to find our power again and it all starts with owning our own stories 

Have you tried to move past your story? Have you ever felt stuck in a never ending cycle of trying to do the work, the courses, the self help/personal development work, working to make changes in your life, only to end up back at the beginning again....stuck in the same story? 

You keep starting over hoping it will be different this time and you stop right before the breakthrough? 
Are you done with that vicious cycle?
Are you ready to break through and create a huge shift in all areas of your life?
My name is Marsha Vanwynsberghe and I am here to help you change your life by owning your story. 

I have held many different roles in my life. Health care professional, friend, warrior/fighter woman, sexual assault survivor, advocate for empowering women, life coach, speaker, cheerleader, no BS supporter and with all of this background and experience I still completely lost myself when we experienced substance abuse in our home with our teens. Being a fighter, and a mom who pushed through life didn’t change my kids and almost destroyed me in the process. I lost all happiness, all purpose and was starting to imagine and believe that my world would be better without me in it.

Something had to change. I had to find my inner power again. No one was going to change my life for me. I decided and committed to doing the work because staying in that hopeless stage of life was more painful than learning how to change it!!
Through commitment, meditation, learning to listen to my intuition, and a ton of work, I discovered that I wasn’t without hope. Instead I had a world of possibilities at my fingertips, because I was willing to own and rewrite my story. 
Now I live a life that I choose to create every single day. A life full of happiness, gratitude, incredible people and experiences I never imagined. 
It is beyond my wildest dreams!

Is it always rainbows and unicorns? Not even close. Do I still have hard days? Of course I do! Now I have the skills and the tools to turn a difficult situation into a moment and not let it hijack my day, my week or my life. That in of itself is an incredible feeling!

That is the feeling I want you to have in your life!! 
I am now living an abundant, life full of gratitude, happiness and peace and I teach others how to live the life of freedom beyond their wildest dreams. Every shift, every transformation in each of my clients fuels me to keep going. There are so many lives to change, transform and impact in this world!!
I help people every day discover the happiness, freedom, peace and abundance they’ve been working to achieve.

Let’s find out what lights you up inside!
Let’s find your personal power again!
Let’s learn the tools and skills to shift your energy, your mindset and rewrite your story!
Remember you are only one decision away from a completely different life. That is the life of freedom that you’ve been searching for and deserve. 

It is your time, all you have to do is seize the opportunity and decide to say YES to yourself.

15 min Clarity call - schedule by contacting - please offer 2 days and times.

One time payment of: $1497 + HST
Two payments of: 748.50 + HST (first payment on day of sign up with contract and the second payment to come out or to be processed before the week 4.

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