noun /…ôňąlńę…ôns/

a relationship based on an affinity in interests, nature, or qualities.

Your weekly collaborative workspace for business calibration.

Your community to plug into for future business endeavours, mentors, podcasters and thought provoking conversations.


Every Wednesday at 8 am PST/11 am EST via The Zoom Room. 



Alliance is a social hub for the innovators, visionaries & entrepreneurs to connect, co-create, collaborate and celebrate. 

Join The Conversation

Alliance is for you if:

  • You desire depth¬†
  • You desire to be heard, seen, cheered for, and supported
  • You desire to have big-ass conversations
  • You are in the growth expansion phase of your business
  • You have a big vision for your business, and you're in it for the long game
  • You love to be of contribution¬†

Alliance is not for you if:

  • You aren't a business owner
  • You aren't growing and scaling your business
  • You are most comfortable inside the box and comfort zone
  • You are not willing to co-create and help others rise
  • You are looking for a networking space to verbal vomit what you do and sell your offers

HEY, We're Marsha & Meg!

Marsha and Meg met years ago in a Mastermind and together went on to studying and becoming Master Practitioners in Neurolinguistic Programming, EFT, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Since then Marsha furthered her studies in becoming a Trainer and Meg, a Rapid Resolution Therapist.

Marsha & Meg have since continued connecting on a bi-weekly basis to sharpen their tools in all thing NLP & Hypnotherapy, and have invested in one another's offerings; Meg invested in Marsha's Write Your Damn Book Mastermind and is currently writing her damn book, and Marsha has invested in Meg's mastermind, Chrysalis, times two, where she is currently bringing her big picture visions to fruition.

It's fair to say that Marsha and Meg have formed an ALLIANCE over the years and are here to paint a picture of possibility with you.

Together, they saw a major gap in what was missing in the industry and have joined forces in bringing this vision, called Alliance, to fruition.

Alliance is a space for you to receive value and continue to expand while eliminating the not-so-awesome feeling of being constantly pitched at.

A space to get to know, like and TRUST.

We crave in-depth connections, and thought-provoking conversations; this is your space to level up with like-minded women.

This is the intention and the energy inside this free Collaborative Community, and we would be honoured to join forces with YOU!