Every Body Holds a Story Collaborative Book

Congratulations on wanting to share your story in our upcoming collaborative book, Every Body Holds a Story.

Here is an application to see if this is the right fit for all of us. The collaborative book is an incredible opportunity to share your story, connect with other authors.

What happens after you fill out the form? You will be scheduled to set up a time to connect with us so we can talk more about your vision to see if this course is the right fit for you. Not all applications will be accepted for this project in order to maintain the diversity of the authors and stories.

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Have you ever shared your personal story on a podcast or a collaborative book?





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What is the story you are wanting to share? You might have a few stories and are unsure which ones to share, so no stress.  What does your intuition tell you that you are ready to share?  Please be direct and as brief as possible

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What is inspiring you to say "YES" to getting started right now? 

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What would success look like for you after sharing your story in a published book? 

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I agree to be 100% open and coachable during this process.  I agree to be open to collaborating and supporting the other authors in this program as we all go further when we work together. 









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If selected, please indicate when you would like to join?

There are 2 options, pay in full or 4-month payment plans.  All payment plans must be paid in full before the book goes to pre-sales.  If the chapter is not paid before the book goes to pre-sales, then the author's chapter will not be published in this edition. 


$3000 (paid in full option)


$3500 (4-month payment plan)

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