Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Life Adversity Coach


“Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly”
~ Tony Robbins

This was not always my mindset or perspective on gratitude. For years I struggled with finding any gratitudes. 

My life plan was not following any plan and in fact it was falling apart. Our family was being torn apart by teen substance abuse. In fact whenever anyone mentioned “being grateful” it ticked me off. 

My thoughts were too busy being full of fear, anger, frustration and pain. Gratitude cannot survive in the presence of any of those words. 

No wonder I couldn’t find gratitude. My life was consumed by all of those negative words. My thoughts were in a vicious spiral of replaying past events and fearing for the future of everyone in our family. 

The only way I could find gratitude was to stop the spiral of toxic thoughts and focus on the present moment. That was the only moment I could control. At the time it was terrifying! 

One moment, one thought, one shift in mindset and eventually it added up to a complete shift in perspective. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fast, yet it was exactly what I needed to do. It changed everything. 

This picture is a reminder of the power of gratitude. I vividly remember this point of the day in our event, The Inspired Life Project. I was SO full of gratitude for all for the women who participated in this transformational day. As I look at that picture I am reminded of the power of perspective and of intention. I remember saying “thank you” for this “idea” that came together better than I could have imagined. 

When you find yourself stuck in a negative spiral, stop and say “thank you for ..........”.  Say it over and over again. If you can’t find anything simply inhale and exhale and say thank you

When you learn to breathe, speak and live in gratitude for even the tiniest things, your world will shift right in front of your eyes. 

My hope is that you can experience that transformation in your thoughts and mindset. It is truly the window to a much more beautiful world. One that is waiting for you. 
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