Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Life Adversity Coach

FEAR is the New Springboard

FEAR doesn’t have to be a scary word!

What if we change the context of the word FEAR?

Fear tends to be the ONE thing holding us back from living the life we want to live and the life we’re meant to live.  We tend to live in fear in so many aspects of our lives.  We let fear dictate our next step and which fork in the road to take.  We let it rule our belief in ourself and we use it to decide if we can be successful in any change we want to make.  We have given far too much power to one simple word.  That’s all it is…a WORD.  It has whatever meaning we give it.

What if we change the context and FEAR becomes the springboard for something amazing that is about to happen. The challenge becomes an opportunity to bring our inner strengths to the surface.  It’s a chance to connect us with the most incredible people that are meant to be in our lives.  Maybe it’s the obstacles that we need to experience to become more of who we’re supposed to be.  The person we were meant to be before we started limiting and keeping ourselves in a box. Believing in that box and “staying safe” is also playing small. By playing small, we are playing small in every single aspect of our lives. Not just one…every single area. We cannot selectively pick areas of our life to shine in.  If one piece of us is in the box and controlled by fear, then every single part of us is truly in that box.  We cannot be the person we were meant to be.   It is impossible to shine and impact others with the gifts we were given if we continue to stay small in the box.

Remember who created the box?  If we created the box, than we can change the box too!!

On my journey, I have learned many things about FEAR.  I’ve learned to embrace fear as a SHIFT. A shift in a new direction and an opportunity to learn and be more. Nothing changes if nothing changes and that’s not the definition of life because everything changes. Change is truly the ONLY constant.I’ve used my fear as a way to step forward, be vulnerable and be honest. I am grateful for the shifts, for the fear, for the growth and for the changes. I’ve learned to use my fear in this context because I’ve learned to trust myself and believe that it’s all part of the process to take me to where I’m supposed to go.  It wasn’t easy to share our story, to share our pain and challenges.  I decided to live in a place of faith that I was meant to share it and to help others in the process.


I started to view my fear as a force that was pulling me in the direction that I needed to follow.  It was the universe guiding me to my next steps. I found clarity in fear. I completely changed my context of what one simple word meant and it shifted everything.

I decided that FEAR would become my NEW FUEL and every time I felt it, a SHIFT was happening and a “new normal” would occur.  I didn’t know if the new normal would be better or what it would bring.  I just knew that if things were going to change, a shift would have to happen.  Hence, I embraced fear, I welcomed it, and I knew it would bring me to where I needed go.  In the simplest of terms, I decided that the box was too small, it wasn’t serving me and it was holding me back from who I was meant to be.  It was time for the box to GO!

At what point will you be ready to break the box WIDE OPEN??  The world is waiting for YOU!!