Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Life Adversity Coach

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

The last few months have been a challenge piled on top of many challenges. Losing my grandmother was difficult. She was a rock with a huge heart.  I so admired her strength and courage that she showed during her life and right up to the very end. Preparing and delivering her eulogy was an experience of walking through the memories and the stories. It was an experience of tremendous healing. I understood the importance of walking through pain and delivering a message right from the heart. It was moment of being real and authentic and that’s why it was so healing.

Shortly after this my dog, my running partner and my source of strength in my home passed away. Anyone who’s had a pet as a family member understands the pain of losing a pet. It was another heartbreaking experience for me. I decided to walk through it, feel every single emotion and then move forward as I was ready.

These two experiences back to back made me re-think, and take some time to pull away and re-evaluate my message.

I decided I had to walk right up to my fears, face them and walk through them to get to the other side. I’ve said for years that working through any painful experience, or any fear is much like walking through a big pile of crap. Sorry for the analogy but it works! You cannot go around it, or under it and you can’t avoid it (you can but you pay for it). You have to make the choice to go through it. Crawl through it on your hands and knees if you have to. At times you feel as though you’re suffocating and being buried alive, and you have to keep crawling forward. You have to decide that you don’t want to stay in the same place anymore. That is not an option because you know there is more, you know you deserve more and you choose that your life will be about more than where you are at right now.

Remember you are holding the pen that writes the story of your life. You can choose and decide how the story ends.

I needed these experiences to make a decision to change my message. Not to just empower people….to actually be real, honest and authentic to assist those families who were in need and struggling.  This journey had to be about so much more than starting a new business venture.  It had to be about creating a platform for people to feel safe enough to step forward, support each other and grow through their adversities.

I knew that I wanted to deliver a clear message, start this new concept yet I was petrified of releasing the final veil to truly reveal me. There are so many reasons why we fear something and until I could truly look that fear in the face, nothing was changing. As a very wise friend has said to me, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

I decided to embrace and release the fear of judgment of others. It truly didn’t matter anymore. I live with me and that’s what matters. At the end of the day I also accepted that no one could possibly judge me harder than I had judged myself. It just wasn’t possible.

I also realized that I wasn’t alone….not even close. The more vulnerable I became the more I realized how many people were struggling in silence. The time for that to end was now.

My story is just one story. One of many. One of far too many. I hope it can give you the confidence and courage to step forward from the story you’re caught in right now. Please visit and listen to my free audio download. I truly hope it inspires you or someone you know.

It is time to take your life back, to remove the veil, and to own and share your story. You will uncover your clarity, confidence and courage and you will finally see your unique gifts.  Those gifts will change your life and impact the lives of others in the way you were meant to.

The world is waiting for you to step forward. You owe it to yourself and those in your life to be you.