Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Life Adversity Coach

Supporting and Freeing Families in Difficult Times

As I reflect on this past week I am filled with so much gratitude. It has been a week full of growth, personal development and surrounding myself with the most incredible people. The ones that make me feel absolutely #bulletproof.

I choose who I surround myself with at all times, and who’s in that inner circle. I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for who’s in that space!

I’ve spent the last few weeks being very vulnerable, sharing my story and I’m very thankful for all the encouraging messages that I’ve received. Thank you for taking the time to reach out.

I’ve become even more clear on my goals, how they all intersect and overlap. I know who I want to pay it forward to and who I want to help. I want to remove the veil and speak about a taboo topic. I want people to not feel so isolated and afraid of judgement. I want to help others believe in themselves again, to gain their clarity, confidence and courage to move forward in their lives. I want people to live a life “unstuck” and full of possibilities.

I also want to help people to feel great in their health and unstoppable in their life. I want people to understand the importance of creating a safety net for their family so that when life takes a turn that you never saw coming you are prepared. What am I saying? When things don’t go as planned, when life throws challenges at you that you didn’t see coming, that you are still going to be ok. You can still cover your expenses at the end of the month, you can breathe and be grateful that one thing is off your plate. That’s been a HUGE ah-ha moment for me this week.

My “little part time job” has created breathing room and safety in a very uncertain time in our lives. Times that I didn’t plan for, times I didn’t see coming but times that I have. I can never say enough gratitude for that. It has also given me my health, my energy and my calmer, more focused mindset that helps me through the tough days.

I am on a mission to help others achieve room to breathe in their month, room to breathe when things don’t go as planned, and freedom to use their time as needed and as they wish. Is that a real world and a real possibility? It absolutely is! And it can be a real possibility for you if you are open and ready to see it! I’m grateful 1000 times over that I was open!! #vulnerablemoment #speakingthetruth#smashthatcomfortzone #areyouopen #safetynet#whatisyourwhy #greathealthisinvaluable#freeingfamiliesindifficulttimes