Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Life Adversity Coach

Who Surrounds YOU?

Which way does your compass point?  Does it point in the direction that is headed toward your goals?  Which way does it point when the wind, rain and the elements of nature (i.e., the elements of your life) push you in different directions? How do you bring that compass back to point in the direction of your goals?

Life will forever take you off course.  It will continue to push, pull and sway you away from your target.  Life is asking you how badly do you want it?

Challenges may not seem fair and can be very hard to navigate through.  No one is immune to the challenges that life brings.  There is “no guarantee” for an easy life void of any difficulties.

When my compass gets re-routed and I can’t find my way, I remember that I’ve chosen to surround myself with incredible people who can help me to relight my flame and find my direction again. I am forever grateful for such friends.

Who do you chose to surround yourself with? Are they the friends who light the fire or the ones who put it out? Are they the ones who help you direct your compass that lines up with your goals and where you want to go?  Or are they the friends who continually pull you off course? It is your choice and I encourage you to choose wisely!

Take the time to build that inner circle that includes people who are supportive and provide guidance to help you re-direct your compass during the difficult times.  This inner circle is something that you build by choosing who you surround yourself with.  The beauty is that you decide how big that circle is and who is inside that space.  That circle will become your compass that will bring you back on course when life tries to misdirect you.  That circle is what surrounds and protects you.  It will always bring you back on course, re-light your fire, and give you even more clarity to follow your passion.

Who surrounds YOU?