Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Life Adversity Coach

You NEVER know who you will find….

Growing up, I always had the vision of where my life would be when I “grew up”. I thought I had it all figured out.  I wanted to help people and assist them in achieving things they never thought possible.  Whether it was physical transformations or changing their belief systems, I have always felt drawn to “empower others”.  At the time I didn’t know that my desire to empower others both physically, spiritually and emotionally, would be some of the most valuable lessons that I needed to learn myself.

As a young girl, I was fascinated with the inspirational movies, the stories of change, transformations, overcoming obstacles and people who succeeded against the odds.  Throw in sports and fitness and I was in my glory! As a young teen, I would watch the Rocky movies repeatedly and was absolutely fascinated with the training portions and what the body could accomplish.  It is very ironic that I ended up studying Kinesiology and making a career of assisting clients with their physical transformations.  I became even more intrigued with the “physical problems” that no one else could figure out.  Through years of experience and continuing education, I found a love of helping people work through their physical limitations, the injuries that have taken over their life.

It became critically important to include the “brain” and their thinking in their transformations.  When a person has an injury or a limitation that has persisted for any period of time with no improvement, their movement patterns must be broken down to determine where is the weakest link.  It is also critical to dig deep and listen to their language when they speak to themselves.  Their words, thoughts and their mental patterning can determine their potential for success.  Incorporating the “brain training” into their workouts and rehab increased the clients’ rate of success.  I am saying this is a big component, not the only component of rehab training.  It is important to understand that the body will always follow the path of least resistance, it does not want to experience pain, struggle or difficulty. I watched many clients learn so much about themselves and grow through their journey and for many they were actually thankful for their experience.  It was a chance to grow themselves, conquer some weaknesses and see how much more they could accomplish in their lives. Especially at the point when they were told there were no more answers or solutions.

As I “grew up”, I experienced many challenges that I never anticipated or expected in the life plan I had laid out. That is life and it happens to everyone. Ilearned to apply the valuable lessons that I have learned through years of working with my clients….

  1. Don’t be afraid to dig in and look at your biggest weakness.  Addressing that can lead to enormous personal growth.
  2. What you believe is real.  “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right”.
  3. Believe that this is a part of the journey, a moment in time and not the whole story.
  4. Believe that you have everything you need to tackle this challenge.  You are enough!
  5. When you are in overwhelm and caught up in your thoughts and “what if” worries, you will ALWAYS miss the present moments.  That is exactly where you will find the answers and the lessons to help you move forward.
  6. Change your words, switch to words of encouragement, words of empowerment and daily affirmations.  With regular practice your brain will start to comprehend how much you are capable of achieving.

We spend time searching for the easiest path, avoiding perceived conflict and challenge whenever possible.  Shifting…embracing challenges and changing our words can completely change our course and direction.

That is what I am setting the intention to do.  We are all on a journey.  Life does not always give us what we want…it gives us what we need.  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and be part of my journey.  I am excited about this next stage with lots of unknowns and new experiences.  Stepping into the world ofblogging, coaching, speaking and sharing this journey along the way.  In the process I have transformed my health, my fitness, my focus, my passion and my purpose. I am grateful to have learned incredibly simple life lessons and met some very impactful people.  Most importantly I have found myself and that is where any journey begins.