Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Life Adversity Coach


Over the last few years coaching changed the game for me. I found and worked with a number of mentors who helped me to see what was possible, how to change my beliefs and grow my courage.

Honestly I wouldn’t be where I am today without a number of incredible people who all came into my life at the right times....when I was ready and open to see it.

This led me to sharing my story, speaking on multiple stages, writing and publishing a best selling book, collaborating and running a Women’s empowerment event and coaching many individuals and groups this past year.

It’s time to step up my game. I’m ready. Nothing is as important as creating a legacy of people who are stepping into their power and impacting the lives of others. That’s the ripple effect I want to and intend on creating.


If you’re looking for someone to:

  • Hold your hand and tell you it’s all going to be ok.....that’s not me
  • Keep you safe and inside your comfort zone....that’s not me.
  • Complain to or to stay in the same space, not grow or change....that’s not me.

If you’re looking for someone to:

  • Call you out on your own BS story that you keep telling yourself....that is me
  • Nudge, support and encourage you to grow, to leap at opportunities and be so in tune with your instinct that you chase the energy....that is me.
  • Hold you accountable to create results, to own your story, stand on it and write a brand new ending...that is me.

I’m not for everyone and I’m more than ok with that. Trust me. I am here to serve the people who are so ready to change their story, grow, expand and leave a big imprint in this world. Those are my people.

In the month of January I am working with 3 more coaching clients who are ready to own their BS story and bust through the limits they’ve set on their life. If it’s your time, and you’re ready let’s connect. Programs starting January 8th. . . .

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