Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Life Adversity Coach


I’ve spent so many years being a fighter. Whenever I was backed in a corner, or pushed to my limits I would dig in and fight my way out. I was known as the “strong one” and truth be told it I thought it was a “badge of honour”.

I would judge others who gave up or asked for help thinking, why don’t they just try harder? I always thought “I don’t need any help!” I think deep down I couldn’t dare ask for help, because what would others think of me?

Spoiler alert.....I was dead wrong.

I learned to be vulnerable, to reach out and ask for help because I didn’t know how to manoeuvre my way through life anymore.

I learned the hard way that trying to do it alone, carrying it all on my shoulders only kept me stuck in the same spot.

Reaching out, being honest, asking for help, brought some of the most incredible people in my life. I was ready to ask for help AND I was ready to receive the help. Complaining that no one was there wasn’t the answer. I had to be ready to reach out, ask and receive.

When I catch myself in a low point or frustration I ask my tribe for help. It’s a give and take and they know they can call on me when they need support too.

Over the past week I’ve had some heavy issues on my heart. Everything is ok, just one of those periods of time where life is heavy. What I’ve experienced in the last few days has been an incredible experience that I am truly grateful for. Friends who reached out without even asking because “they had a feeling something was up”. That is the sign of a true tribe. For each of you that reached out over the past few days, offered support, a listening ear and a kick in the butt, I am truly grateful for all of you. It’s a reminder that I’m not alone and not meant to do this life alone. None of us are!

The moral of my story...allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be real, to connect with your tribe on a deep level that might even make you uncomfortable. On the other side of that ride of vulnerability you will encounter the kind of connection that you can rely on when you need a pick me up from life.

If you don’t have that level of tribe in your life, then commit to creating it by put what you want out into the universe. Ask for it, be more of what you’re looking for in the world. Be more compassionate, give more kindness and grace. Give it to people where your give matches their give. The best relationships are a give and take, share and don’t judge and showing up asking your friend, “how can I help”.

Be more, give more of what you want to create and receive in this world. You may just find what you’ve been looking for all along.

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