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Life Adversity Coach

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What are your Non-Negotiables?

I have learned over time and through experience that my day has to have non-negotiables in it in order for me to function at my best. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way, by crashing and burning and being in a place where my health was at serious risk.  I am definitely not perfect at it….

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Who Surrounds YOU?

Which way does your compass point?  Does it point in the direction that is headed toward your goals?  Which way does it point when the wind, rain and the elements of nature (i.e., the elements of your life) push you in different directions? How do you bring that compass back to point in the direction of your goals?

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You Can’t Find Clarity….Clarity Finds You

 Clarity is a scary word. It’s part of everything we do or do not do all day long. In our jobs, our personal and professional lives, in our emotions, and in our goals for the future. Clarity is one of the first stepping stones to outline our direction…

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