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Growth Always Comes First!!

I love personal development and it has always been part of my life. Everything from reading, workshops, and choosing to surround myself with people who push the boundaries of their comfort zone. It was inspiring and motivating. I’ve always felt that life was about growth and change.

To be honest, I would struggle with keeping that level of inspiration in my daily life, which is why I would continue to engage and experience this kind of training. It’s important yet I eventually realized I was missing the point.

When life took many difficult twists and turns that I never saw coming (FYI no one ever does), I spent a lot of time stuck. I was stuck in fear, the judgment of others and in the despair of not knowing what to do next. All that time of being stuck I truly went no where. I was frozen in time and feeling very hopeless. I didn’t like being in that space. I realized that all that time in personal growth, motivation and inspiration was great, at the time. The missing piece was that I actually had to GROW. I couldn’t read about it or talk about it. It wasn’t a temporary fix. I actually had to DO IT.

Once I decided to look inward, figure out what I could do to change my response to what life had given me, everything shifted. I felt a sense of internal power and control. Not power over the situation (that’s the ego’s way of keeping us stuck), simply internal power and control over myself, my thoughts, beliefs, actions, and reactions. I realized I had far more choices than I realized. That was how my life started to shift and move forward. Everything around me shifted as well. It really all starts with recognizing that we have a choice and that the WORK starts inside first.

Now I’m thrilled to be teaching others how to do the same. It’s not about watching our life go by, being a victim with no choices, options or control. It’s about seizing the moment, choosing to grow because we know that there’s more for us to do with our lives. Our lives are about far more than ourselves. We are here to grow into more so we can make a difference in other people’s lives as well. That’s leaving a legacy. It’s about using what we’re given to impact others and work to make the world a better place. We are not in this alone.

Imagine what could happen if we all chose to live more into our purpose instead of settling and being a victim. The potential ripple effect gives me goose bumps! It can all shift today by recognizing that we have a choice and we’re ready to grow!! ‪