Stop being the missing piece to your business.  Learn how to bring your heart and your story to your business.  Leverage Your Story and Build Your Business to Impact, Serve & Support Others with 6X Best Selling Author, Coach & Speaker Marsha Vanwynsberghe



You have an existing business or the start of an idea.  

You’ve poured your heart, sweat and tears into launching it, and you’re hearing crickets. 


“Put out the vulnerable posts”, the coaches tell you, “Share your story”, so you try to figure out what vulnerability is... 


Still crickets. 


What is missing?


What about business advice?  

Maybe that’s what’s missing? 


You hire a business coach and dive into all things Facebook/Instagram/Tik Tok (WTH), one-on-one coaching, mastermind, sales copy, ads, algorithms etc.  


You somehow agreed to go back to school to get a business degree. 


This WILL work. It has to work!


Still crickets.  WTH?! 

What is missing?


I'll give you a hint...


YOU ARE the missing piece.  


Connecting your heart, your purpose, your mission to your business is what’s missing. 


Your back stories, your messy experience, all those shitty things that happened to you that you want to hide from the rest of the world….the things that are the #1 contributing factor to shaping you into who you are? 


Those things are missing from your brand because YOU are the BRAND! 


When you bring yourself to the table, your clients can actually 


SEE you 

HEAR you 

RELATE to you 

TRUST you and your


Guess what happens next? 


Your REVENUE Increases too!!


Now THAT is something you can get behind!! 



Your lifelong dream of Building Your Business is about to become YOUR REALITY!


This is the SECRET SAUCE to building, growing and expanding your business!!  This is the heart of your business and the KEY ingredient that most people overlook, heck, they might not even know about!  


Imagine learning HOW to truly bring YOURSELF to your business?!  No more hiding.  You will learn how to intentionally and unapologetically show up in your business  

You know you are in your business, your line of work for a are a HEART Driven Business Owner, yet you know you are NOT as visible as you want to be.  All the fears, judgement and limiting beliefs have you wanting to do this business thing, yet you can't figure out how to get past the dreaded thoughts of, "how do I show up in my business", or "what will THEY say and what will THEY think?"  


Are you ready to learn the tools, strategies and mindset to LET GO of these excuses?!


Imagine making a MASSIVE impact in the lives of others and adding PURPOSE to your mission!  You are truly ONLY STEPS away from this reality!!



Let me take you back a few years into my own journey...

5 years ago I decided to share my story for the first time. I was tired of shame, guilt, and blame controlling all aspects of my life. After joining a facebook group for mothers dealing with teen substance abuse, I realized how BIG this issue was and how many other families were being affected.  The HIT HOME message was that "I was not alone."  Knowing and understanding that I wasn't alone, allowed me to find a way to be vulnerable, to reach out, ask for help and to start sharing my story as a mother  who experienced teen substance abuse far beyond the level of experimentation. The drugs came into our home, and they never left.
It took staying on the roller coaster for years before I realized that I could actually get off the ride! Say WHAT?!  


YES I got off the ride! This turning point happened after being a crumpled mess on the floor, unable to stand, think, or live life the way I had been living it! Not one minute longer! As I sat there on the floor, begging God/Universe or whatever for help, I heard the words, STOP.  Over and over, it was a simple message of STOP, your way is NOT working!  It takes a lot to admit in the heat of the moment that we don't have the answers, and there was NO question that I had to stop doing life my way, because the only thing going down was ME!


A counsellor told my husband and myself that out of all of the couples he counselled that were dealing with substance abuse, that we were the only ones still together, and we were dealing with both of our boys.  This was a light bulb moment....what IF there was a bigger reason for being in this mess?  What if there was a bigger PURPOSE for our journey?  This became a massive shift and turning point in my personal life.  It was the birthplace of my business!

I learned how to find my voice, to trust it and to use it.  As I started to share my story online, from the stage and in support groups, I felt a bizarre sense of healing take over me. It was a release I had never experienced before. People would approach and reach out to me to say, “that’s my story and I have never told anyone before”. I was grasping that fact that my story could help others.  I was impacting others simply by sharing my story and speaking my truth. That impact became my fuel. Sharing my story was healing for me and fuel to keep going at the same time.  
I had a story, and it not only mattered, it gave others permission to heal, too. My story was making a difference in the lives of others, and it was feeding me in ways I could never have anticipated. 
That is where my life as a speaker, writer/author and coach started.
Through trial and error, a tremendous amount of personal growth, and persistence, vulnerability, courage and proven tools and strategies, I found my way to sharing my story and using it to impact, serve and support others.  
Now I help women to BUILD their BUSINESSES, by OWNING their stories and learning how to LEVERAGE THEIR STORIES to pay it forward to others.  


Someone out there is praying for the solutions you have. Never underestimate the power and value of your own experience. It's time to create your platform!

It took me a long time to trust, use and speak my voice to share my story.  Every time I spoke and shared my story I felt a sense of freedom and peace. Was it all an easy peasy happy process?! GOD NO! It was messy, consistent action to get to this energy space of healing and freedom. Everyone DESERVES to feel this level of freedom from their shame stories and to create a purpose from their pain.  I stepped into this new space because I knew that others were praying for a solution to their shame stories. Women kept reaching out to me asking me to teach them how to overcome their shame stories; how to share their stories and ultimately how to let go of their guilt and shame to build a business to make a massive impact in the world!


Clarify your story, the lessons, the key points, and your specific "wheelhouse".   Identify your niche client and learn how to connect with them in your language, words, content and copy. 

You will learn how to deliver your message, how to speak it, write it, share it to reach your client.  This clarity will help you to identify where to start your business and which directions are best for expansion. 


Establish or expand your coaching, speaking, podcasting or writing business.  

Starting a business can be overwhelming.  We break down the steps to starting your business by looking at the long range vision and breaking down the action steps to get there. When there is clarity with the lessons of your story, and you let go of any residual shame or guilt from your story, you are FREE to see the vision of the number of people your business can support and impact! 


Embark on a collaborative journey with like minded women on a similar mission. Difficult stories involving shame can leave us feeling completely alone and isolated.  

It is from working together, embracing vulnerability, learning how to let go of  resentment to help us to grow, collaborate and build our businesses. We always go further together, and when shame stories are involved, this couldn't be MORE TRUE!!


The lessons we learn and the experiences we live through are no accident. I know what it is like to ask "why me", and "why does this keep happening to me?" Living in this mindset makes us a victim in our own lives. I get it, I lived in this space for a very long time. I was so familiar with it that we actually had to break up...I had to choose to let go of this victim mindset. Victim mindset, anger, resentment and blaming the world for everything that is going wrong in our lives, is NOT the way to create any change in our lives. A Mastermind is the complete opposite of that mindset. It is working together, embracing vulnerability, learning how to let go of our resentments in order to grow, collaborate and build our businesses. We always go further together, and when shame stories are involved, this couldn't be MORE TRUE!! ​This is your opportunity to learn from Expert Coaches in the area of Leveraging Your Story, Business Branding, Simplifying and Optimizing your Business, Social Media Branding and Connecting with your Client Podcast Building and Optimizing Media Exposure and Book Writing, Speaking from the Stage and Building a Kick Ass Coaching Business!!

SHARING YOUR STORY CREATES FREEDOM IN YOUR LIFE AND HOPE IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS. "You're not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth and raging courage." ~ Alex Elle

Let's Break it all Down!

This is for you if....


  • You are open, coachable and ready to work in a collaborative environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

  • You feel overwhelmed because you don't know even know where to begin or what to do next. 

  • You are ready to identify your lessons and your "specific wheelhouse" that holds your gifts that you are here to share with others. 

  • You don't know how to let go of the shame or guilt with building a business from your story, yet you KNOW this is YOUR PURPOSE.

  • You are READY to build a Kick-Ass multi-dimensional business that will impact thousands of people 

  • You're ready to OWN your Story, OWN your purpose and STAND in your gifts to make the impact you are here to make!

  • You are ready to learn how to speak and share your message so that your client can hear and see you.

  • ​You're ready to step into the Business Leadership role to influence and impact others.

  • You are open to sharing your message in a number of different potential avenues...speaking, coaching, writing, podcasting etc.

  • You're feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by trying to figure it ALL by yourself!

  • You are READY to learn from someone who's walked this journey and is willing to share the strategies that worked to leverage the lessons from a story and build the business!

  • You're done playing small and done hiding from the world feeding your shame story. You KNOW your story IS your PURPOSE!! 

  • You know you need to get specific to outline your target market and niche.

  • ​Your services aren't reaching your desired clients and you want clarity on what your client's pain points and issues are to serve them best. 

  • You're not making the money you deserve to be making for the products/services you offer!

  • You are DONE watching others create the business you've dreamed of starting. You know your time to start is NOW!






When She Stopped Asking Why by Marsha Vanwynsberghe


6 months of weekly coaching learning HOW to BUILD your IDEAL Business by Leveraging Your Stories!! Create your unique business using your story as the platform to build your business, in any or all of the areas, coaching, speaking, media, podcasting or writing! Learn from Marsha and her guest experts to solidify your platform!


All the Steps to Building Your Business from Your Story

  • Breaking down and clarifying your specific "wheelhouse" -- the lessons you learned that you will use to BUILD your business. 
  • Clearly identify your ideal client and learning to connect with them in your language and in social media
  • Learn how to bring your SECRET SAUCE to your business to make it SOAR....YOU are the secret sauce!!
  • Trust your message, your voice and speak with absolute conviction to your audience (online, from the stage and in person)
  • You will learn how to shift the power from your story BACK to you to become UNSTOPPABLE!!
  • How to get booked on stages and podcasts
  • How to create your own podcast and use that platform to consistently share your message — FREE Marketing!!
  • How to outline, frame and plan your talks from the stage
  • How to connect with your audience from the stage and speak so powerfully they hold onto your every word
  • How to leverage your writing, social media, and talks -- approach and secure media opportunities to promote your message. 
  • How to create one-on-one; group coaching and evergreen course offers to build your coaching business.
  • Connect with the power of collaboration as you partner with 15 women all on a mission to grow and expand your businesses. 

Loyalty price access to The Inspired Life Project, the Live Event for women offered in November 2019 and the opportunity to be one of the qualified panelists***  sharing your story from the stage.


These expert coaches are coming together to help you succeed!

"Marsha's approach to helping me own my story and dig my way out of my limiting beliefs was exactly what I needed 2 years ago. She has a way of making you feel safe but not letting you stay stuck in the excuses you try to hide behind. She has been incredibly helpful in helping me use my story to help other women step into their worth and find happiness in who they are today! I have such appreciation for Marsha and believe me when I say you will be in good hands when you have her in your corner. Thank you Marsha for your support both personally and professionally!"

Kim Basler
Food Freedom & Mindset Coach


2 Options for Learning How to Leverage Your Story



6 MONTHS - A SAVINGS of $4000

Weekly one-on-one sessions for 6 months


Support, guidance and accountability to leverage your story and launch or expand your business!


Full access to the Leverage Your Story Mastermind, the Membership Site and all the other Incredible Coaches who specialize in their area of expertise!


Actionable steps and accountability with your goals each week and month. 


Weekly access to Marsha for support outside of the one to one session. 






Full access to the Leverage Your Story Mastermind, the Membership Site and all the other Incredible Coaches who specialize in their area of expertise!


New weekly content and calls, videos and worksheets


Group support, coaching, accountability and monthly interactive brainstorming and radical responsibility sessions. 


The opportunity to gain clarity, leverage your story and build your business!


GROW your business, INCREASE your impact and build a business you couldn't even imagine in 6 months





"If I could sum up in one word my relationship with Marsha, it would be connection. The first time I watched an interview of her on a Facebook Live I felt a connection like no other with her. All of her life experiences and lessons I could identify with in some capacity. This past summer I had the pleasure of attending one of her workshops. After that day I was hooked and wanted to learn more. Marsha has a way of writing and connecting with people that make them feel like she is talking specifically to them. She keeps it real. I LOVE real. I value authentic. You know what you're getting and she asks questions that provide you the opportunity to think for yourself and come up with your own ideas and direction. I leave every conversation with her motivated and energized. I have grown as a person immensely since I've read her book and started working with her as my coach. I look forward with excitement as I continue this journey with her. "

Kelly Thorne
Speaker, Coach & Life Impactor


How do I let go of the guilt and shame from leveraging my story?

This is the early work we do.  You learn how to own your story, take responsibility for your choices, set boundaries, and learn the power of letting go of shame, blame and guilt!  You have your powerful story and it can impact, serve and support others.  You were made to do this!! 


Are payment plans available?

Yes you can pay in full, in 2 equal payments or in equal monthly payments over 6 months. 6 month payment plans have additional charges. 


What if all of the seats don't fill?

The program is already running. These are extra seats that have opened up!


Can I get extra support or add the one-on-one coaching once the program starts?

Of course you can add one-on-one support during the program.  Extra support or coaching can be added to your program at any time. The mastermind payment can be put towards the total package. 


I WANT to share my story, I am afraid of what others will think. 

You are NOT alone in this process!! You are connected with 15 women on a similar journey AND a coach who has walked this journey and lived in this arena!!


Can I truly leverage my story and build my business?

YES you can! Follow this program, learn from the coaches and commit to showing up consistently and doing the work. You WILL surprise yourself!!


What if I have BIG Goals to create a massive business?

Awesome! BIG Dreamers and Goal Setters are welcome!! Let's get started on these goals and make this business happen! 


I want someone to make me accountable and assist me in building my dream business. 

You are in the right place! Marsha will keep you accountable, give you the tools and steps to make this happen.  Let's be real, you have to be ready to do the work!!


How do I know if I have personality traits, or characteristics  to be a great fit for this program?

Are you driven, persistent, coachable, powerful, and willing to take messy action and learn as you go?  If so you are in the right place!!


"It's important that we share our experiences with other people.  Your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.  When you tell your story, you free yourself and give other people permission to acknowledge their own story."

~ Iyanla Vanzant

Leverage Your Story to Impact Serve & Support Others with 6X Best Selling Author, Coach & Speaker Marsha Vanwynsberghe



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