I'm Ready!
I'm Ready

This is NOT for you if:

This space is NOT for you if you are still coming to terms with your trauma if you’re still sitting in the victim space, if you are still full of anger and resentment, or asking the “why me questions”.  I love you, but this is not the space for you right now.

This IS for you if:

This is the space for you if you have come to terms with and accepted what you have lived through. You know there is a greater purpose in your story and you are ready to OWN your voice, speak your truth with the world so that your story and your experiences have a deeper meaning and you are ready to step into a greater sense of purpose in your life.

What clients are saying!

Our stories are a gift. I would not have known that if Marsha hadn't shared hers publicly in 2017.  I would still be hiding in mine.  Marsha taught me not only how powerful our stories are, but how they can shape and heal our futures.

Collaborative Author in Owning Your Choices, 2020

Kelly Thorne
Kelly Thorne Coaching

I now know that my story is the most important ingredient in my coaching business. It has made me who I am today! As I celebrate becoming a recently published author, Marsha has guided and supported me to understand that my experiences and my story can be a lighthouse for others. 

Kelly-Anne Appleton
                      Success & Mindset Mentor                        Author

Through working with Marsha, I was able to unpack my story, take the lessons and wisdom from my experiences, and realized my stories and experiences were all connected. With Marsha's coaching and subconscious work added to my toolkit, I was able to heal deeper parts of myself and deepen my self-worth.  Now I have grown more confident in sharing my story and the more I share, the more at peace I feel. I have written my story in a recent collaborative book, shared my story on podcasts, and began helping other women heal their relationship with food. 

                                     Michelle Hunter                                       Certified Mind Body Eating Coach



When you enroll in the HOW Method, you will have access to... 


8 Week Program designed to support you in the steps to Heal, Own and Write Your Story 
8 live calls to activate, support, and connect you to a community of soul sisters while you support your growth and expansion. 
Integrative tasks to implement new lessons and embody your new transformational changes. 
Custom NLP to support your subconscious reprogramming and overcoming your past limiting beliefs and stories
6 months of access to course content and ongoing support and activation calls. 
Pay in full for 1-month free access to Rising Leaders Collective Membership - This is the space where leaders connect to bust through limiting beliefs using NLP techniques and subconscious reprogramming.

What the fck is the HOW Method?

Stands for Healing 

What does it mean to heal? Healing means no longer being victimized by your story but allowing yourself to OWN your voice, step into your power and speak your truth. Now you can stand and share your story while leaving everyone in integrity. 

Stands for Ownership 

This is where you start taking radical responsibility for yourself, owning who you are, all parts of yourself, and what you came here to do -  including understanding your Human Design (HD) too!  Why HD? Because the more you know yourself the more you will gain clarity on what is in alignment in your life and business. 

Stands for Writing or Re-Writing Your Stories

Think BIG!! Is it a collaborative chapter, your solo book, or a podcast you are ready to birth into the world? No more thinking - let's bring these ideas to life!!