Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

Everything can change when we raise our standards. This is not selfish. It is required if we want to create change in our lives.

I decided many years ago that something had to change. I hated where my life was at, and truthfully I equally hated myself for feeling this way.

My life wasn’t going to change on its own. I had to be the catalyst for change. We all have to decide to be that catalyst.


  • I decided I would teach people how I wanted to be treated and not allow any of the gossip, criticism, or painful words into my soul. I could hear the words, I just learned how to put on my armour and not let it penetrate!
  • I raised my own expectations for my life, what did I want to create, how did I want to live and what impact did I want to have in this world.
  • I owned my story, honoured my values and created my boundaries that supported my life.
  • I made myself a priority in my life, my health, nutrition, fitness and down time. I learned to listen to and honour...
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