Marsha has spent the last 25 years as a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer.  She coached and mentored people on how to make physical changes and emotional transformations to their bodies and their lives. Her clients examined their thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions. 

Marsha spent the last five years navigating herself through major life and family crises.  Substance abuse entered her family, affecting her two teenagers from a very young age.   

She learned to navigate herself through the process, learning many valuable lessons.  Marsha personally experienced financial, business and serious health challenges all while battling the feelings of frustration, overwhelming fatigue and isolation.  She decided that her story and her lessons learned needed to be shared with others. 


Marsha wants her client to NOT feel alone or isolated.  She wants them to learn how to release the shame, blame and guilt that they are feeling. She helps her clients to take responsibility for themselves and to realize that they have to care for themselves in the middle of chaos.  


A mother's journey through teen substance abuse and loving path to finding her clarity, courage and purpose

“ Marsha and her team put together an awesome day filled with great advice, tips, and tools to empower each and everyone of us to leave that day and do something to move ourselves forward to living our own inspired lives - I know I have 💜🤗 ”


Karen S

“ I had the pleasure of attending Marsha's - The Inspired Life Project event and I am truly grateful. It was a beautiful day reminding women of our incredible strength and capabilities. The event presented with a safe atmosphere that felt very inclusive even for a room full of strangers. With yoga, healthy eats, visualization exercises and journaling, it was a fulfilling day for many of us women who often don't allow ourselves enough time to focus on our own journeys with self-love and self-care. It was empowered women, empowering women. I highly recommend others treat themselves to a future event, you deserve it. ”


Alyssia Marie

“ Working with Marsha already in such a short time: One of the biggest take always is boundaries ARE NOT "bad", somehow I always tied a negative connotation to that but now realize it is actually healthy and helps create a happy life. My energy is my ABSOLUTE most powerful tool/asset and to protect it at ALL costs!! I realize now more then ever that I have the power to completely up level my life You can't take on others issues not your issue, not your problem.”


Peggy B

“ I feel like there is actually hope of crawling out a very deep hole I have been living in for almost 3 years. I am beginning to understand and accept that my sons behaviour and choices are his and his alone and that by continuing the way I have been there is no reason for him to change. It's working for him.”


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