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Episode #20 "From Green Juices to Food Freedom" with Jess Glazer

Jess is a NYC based personal trainer, online health coach, vegan fitness competitor, eating disorder survivor, self-love junkie, and founder of “FITtrips.”

She studied Physical Therapy at the University of Rhode Island and graduated with B.S. in Kinesiology. Post graduation Jess spent 8 years teaching elementary school physical education and health where she was able to share her passion for all things health and fitness. Her signature teaching style was incorporating daily mindset, mantras, affirmations, visualization, and positive self-talk with all of her students. jess is a firm believer that happiness, transformation, and success all start in the mind!

Jess is dedicated to helping inspire, motivate and educate others on the importance of loving your body, moving your body, and building your best self through living a healthy lifestyle.

She currently trains clients out of NYC most elite private training studio, Performix House. Jess recently launched “Food Freedom University”, a three-month mastermind intensive course to help women ditch the diet, curb the cravings, and ultimately heal their relationship with food.

When Jess isn’t working with clients or coaching online, she is busy expanding FITtrips. One thing that all of Jess’s work has in common is that her mission is to help others find their healthiest and strongest self through focusing on how they feel, rather than how they look.

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Instagram: @jess.glazer @fit.trips


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