A 6 Month + Lifetime Access MASTERMIND Experience

Are you ready to speak on stage, write your book, and make more money in your business?

It's time to share your story and let others see the person behind the business. 

I know you've been trying to find a way to tap into your message. This will only work if we’re honest with each others so I’m going to be real with you. Not learning how to show up, share your story, be vulnerable and give zero sh*ts about what other people think is the ONLY thing stopping you from building the business and community where you actually belong.


I know what you’re thinking (because I was you)…

"Who am I to share my story?
Who is going to care about me & my story? People have been through so much worse than this…"

Let me ask you this… Do you actually believe that? When you actually sit with what you’ve experienced all the good, all the bad, all.the.things… do you really believe that it’s too small to share? That it wouldn’t make a difference? That people wouldn’t listen. Or is it the "what will they think " that holds you back? 

This is a fun story you’re telling yourself but let me be real with you, if you actually believed that, you would not be reading this page right now & yet here you are feeling...

  • Wildly triggered when you see others showing up to share (because you want that)

  • Frustrated with yourself after another “failed” attempt to share on social where you hid behind yet another famous person's quote (been there, done that 😬)

  • Disappointed, judged & shameful (of yourself) that you’re not “better at showing up” or sharing by now

These are not reasons to quit…

These are signs that you’re just about to break through the bullshit stories & step into your outspoken, most aligned, self.

Podcaster. Speaker. Author. Coach. Mentor. Mother. Father. Daughter. Son. Wife. Husband. Business Owner.

You’re not broken. You’re not too much. You don’t need to “niche” down.

There is nothing, outside of you that you need in order to get where you want to go.

I'm going to be vulnerable here. When I first got into the space of sharing my story and building a business with it, I thought I wasn’t good enough, or I was doing it wrong…

I spent a lot of money on programs & coaching that I didn’t need and were never the right fit for me

I felt like I constantly needed to do more & fit myself in a box...

I’d see those $50K+ months on Instagram and felt like I was doing something wrong…

Looking back, that’s how they wanted me to feel & it worked. But I know better now and my goal is to make sure you don’t make those same mistakes…

Because here's the harsh truth...

I don’t have the answers, shortcuts, or the “codes” for you.

When we work together I will not be forcing what worked for me down your throat. I will be supporting you in tapping in (EFT Tapping anyone?) to what you have to say, to what your truth is, to how you want to create community & ensuring that you feel safe, seen, supported & heard every single f*cking step of the way… Because if you don’t have that space for yourself creating one for others is gonna be really freaking hard (but you already know that).

"The subconscious reprogramming tools you've shared help me to come back to a place of peace.  I plug in and listen to them every night before bed and it's made such a difference in my energy and mindset.



A 6 Month + Lifetime Access MASTERMIND Experience

Break down walls that are holding you back personally & light a fire under your 🍑 to take aligned action in your business.

WARNING: I refuse to let you hide. I’ll slap you in the face so you can see your truth & I’ll do it in the most loving way possible (you’ll feel like you just spent an hour cuddling a puppy).

What's Included (for life):

Weekly Live Trainings

These sessions will light a fire under your ass to finally do the “work” required to show up as your OUTSPOKEN self. You’ll learn psychology based “tools” to help you navigate the “shit” & we’ll workshop your story / content / together. There’s no fluff here. Replays available but trust me, you’ll prioritize these calls.

Bi-Weekly Business Alignment Sessions

Now that you’re feeling empowered with your story, your message, being vulnerable & allowing yourself to be seen HOW the FCK do we turn that into a business? There is no one size fits all approach so we’ll work together in these sessions to bring your unique vision to life.

Vulnerable & Safe Community

There’s no judgment here & this work cannot be done alone. This community will become your safe space for direct mentorship, support & sometimes a little tough love to get your ass in gear. Ask questions. Simply share what you’re going through. It’s all welcome here.

Outspoken AF Course Portal

How many course portals do you have that you’ve never opened? Too many. This space is different. You’ll have an arsenal of tools at your disposal that you can use on yourself (and you’ll learn how to work these tools with your clients to (and yes, you’re going to have clients.))

Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to achieve your goal

Step One

Coming to Terms with your Truth

(Writing and accepting your unique story timeline)
Sharing your story is going to be really f*cking hard if you haven’t confronted & accepted the reality of your truth. This is the “unpacking” phase & for the first time ever in your life, you won’t be unpacked & then left to put the pieces together. This leads to the next step…

Step Two

Identify the Story within your Story

What are you making it mean? What BS stories are you telling yourself about your experiences? What has REALLY been holding you back from sharing? We’ll read between the lines here, learn tools you can use daily to shift these BS stories & then we’ll…

Step Three

Understand WHY these stories exist

Look, knowing the stories are there and “healing” them is great but if you don’t know WHAT makes your brain create those stories in the first place you can’t prevent your mind from creating them again. You’ll finally understand WHY you do what you do & develop tools (through Neurolinguistic Programming) to stop your brains (your clients brains) BS in it’s tracks next time. So the thoughts can build such deep roots moving forward.

Step Four

Connect the Dots & Repack the Closet

Now that we’ve got it all out on the table, it’s time to look at it all and connect the dots AKA find MEANING & PURPOSE in the shit & turn it into a very clear mission for yourself, your community & your business. Reigniting that purpose-driven fire.

Step Five

All things “how” the fck do I share?

You’ve looked at your story a hundred times already & get that but no one ever tells you “how”. That’s where I come in. We’ll go through frameworks, exercises & step-by-step roadmaps to help you turn your story into content, talks, podcasts, videos, & courses/offers that change fcking lives.

Step Six

Putting the work in your own life

Look, you’re not going to go from hiding to being outspoken after writing one post or putting yourself out there one time. It’s a daily practice & accountability is required. Me & your new community will be there when you want hide again & we’ll remind you of wtf you’re here to do. Overtime, you will become the most outspoken version of yourself & we’ll take baby steps every day to help you get there.

Step Seven

Putting in the work to work with clients 

As we grow, our clients do too. Now that you’re practicing what you preach, it’s time to support your clients in doing the same. You will be certified in all of the techniques you learn throughout our time together & will be able to confidently coach / mentor / support your clients in overcoming the very things that held you back. Get ready for the OUTSPOKEN ripple effect to be seen, heard & felt everywhere you look.

I’d be lying if I said this was a linear journey but I can promise you that if you show up consistently, I will show up to support you in becoming your most OUTSPOKEN self…

But Marsha, wtf does “OUTSPOKEN” mean?!

Well, it looks different for everyone because we’re not all starting in the same place but here’s what my community reports experiencing after they do this work….

→ When family members, friends, random DMers show up to ask “why the f*ck are you sharing that” you no longer want to shrink yourself back into your cozy little box, but instead you realize that what they’re saying has f*ck all to do with you. You’ll “bless”, release and use this as proof that you’re on the right path.

→ Gone are the days where you hide behind quotes, canva graphics or sharing a podcast that deeply resonated with. Oh no, no, no. You’ll have the confidence & the certainty to share your own message regardless of how “uncomfortable” it may make others feel. (& trust me when I say that your DMs will fill with “holy shit I needed to hear that” because of your courage).

→ You’ll be really freaking proud of how far you’ve come, what you’ve experienced & you’ll be unapologetic about how you show up, how much space you take & what you desire for your life & community moving forward. (Move over Oprah).

This is just the tip of the iceberg & if I shared all the ways this work will change your life I’d be writing a book (oh wait that’s coming soon) not a open letter to you asking you to TRUST that nudge inside of you.

Sh*t this is ME!

You’ll no longer be desperately trying to find your people…

You’ll attract a community of like-minded people through your business..

I’m not about to throw how much money you’ll make in your face because ( ewww 🤢)  only you truly know that but what I can promise you is growth. You’ll know in your bones that every day you show up to share and be seen that you’re planting seeds in your business that will support you for years to come. Your engagement will increase. Your community will grow. You’ll be excited to sell because you’ll know that your offers will change lives (just like this one is about to change yours… if you let it)

Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full

$6000 US

  • 6 month curriculum,  
  • Weekly content calls
  • Bi-monthly business support calls to support integration
  •  Lifetime access to content
  • Access to Master Your Emotions Audio program
  • Finish the OUTSPOKEN program with the skills to speak, share your voice, write your story, build your business AND an NLP Coaching Certification including 6 different certifications
  • PAY IN FULL -- receive a 90 min Breakthrough Session valued at $555

6 monthly payments

$1025 US

  • 6 month curriculum,  
  • Weekly content calls
  • Bi-monthly business support calls to support integration
  •  Lifetime access to content
  • Access to Master Your Emotions Audio program
  • Access to BeSpoke Audio Program
  • Finish the OUTSPOKEN program with the skills to speak, share your voice, write your story, build your business AND an NLP Coaching Certification including 6 different certifications

12 monthly payments

$550 US

  • 6 month curriculum,  
  • Weekly content calls
  • Bi-monthly business support calls to support integration
  •  Lifetime access to content
  • Access to Master Your Emotions Audio program
  • Finish the OUTSPOKEN program with the skills to speak, share your voice, write your story, build your business AND an NLP Coaching Certification including 6 different certifications

And there is more!

When you enroll, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

Master Your Emotions Audio Program

8 part private podcast audio program to support you in learning how to Identify and Master Your Emotions instead of having them Master YOU.

Bonus #2

Hypnosis & Subliminal Bundles

Over 8 hours of NLP Activations, Hypnosis, Subliminals, EFT Tapping to support your subconscious reprogramming in your life and business. 


Plus a fast-action bonus VALUED AT $555

An awesome bonus

Pay In FULL and receive a 1-1 Coaching Call to support you with your goals, desires and outcomes for the program 


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Marsha

I was burnt out.  

On the outside everything looked great.  I started the podcast, published books, spoke on stages, and kept hearing the messages, "you inspire me, you motivate me, how do you do it all, and I wish I could be as brave as you." 🤢 

I know everyone meant well, the disconnect was deep within me.  I was feeling this sense of never doing enough, working harder and in a state of repeat burnout.  According to society, I had checked the boxes, what I didn't understand is that they were not my only boxes of success.  There was a deep seeded "limiting beliefs, lack of self-worth and some major healing I had to work through." I didn't know what I didn't know!

It was 2020, my 28 year career was gone overnight due to the pandemic, and I was prepping for a surprising emergency back surgery and honestly exhausted and scared to death.  This is when NLP entered my life and I knew I was meant to say yes to the program.  NLP was the first program my intuition guided me toward and I knew it was for me instead of being solely for my business.  NLP became the work I didn't know I needed yet it drastically impacted my life and business. 

I later learned that I had a whole pile of subconscious beliefs that I needed to reprogram in order to not only see the success I desired, but to heal and grow as well.

I was on a constant roller coaster of not feeling good enough, questioning my worth and doubting whether I could achieve my big business goals. I then felt the nudge to sign up for my NLP Practitioner Training, and the incredible modalities of NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy and TIME Techniques forever changed my life.

I went from feeling burnt out, hustling, constantly wracking my brain and doubting myself to being in trust, gaining clarity, finding my purpose and ultimately growing my business and making more money.


NLP showed me what was underneath the constant cycle of burnout...


As I dove into NLP, it's like the veils were lifted and I learned more about myself than any other program. I learned how to stand in a grounded energy to share my voice, my message and story and that it was a major shift from........

From Silenced to Outspoken

I knew I had to dive in, learn more and understand how to share these tools with others.  This was the missing piece. I finally found myself in a sense of peace, less reactive, and more present in my life than ever before. 


But Marsha, how do I KNOW that this is for me?

→ You want SUPPORT as you learn how to stop hiding, playing small and letting your limiting beliefs dictate your success

→ You’re tired of sharing your story & being met with negativity. You want an open, compassionate space where you be all that you are without fear of judgement.

→ You like, really want to f*cking help people. You may not know if it’s through writing, speaking on stage, coaching, courses, physical products, podcasting... or any of the above, but you know that making a difference is something you refuse to live your life without.

→ You are DONE sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else go after and achieve what you KNOW in your heart you can do too!

→ Enough messing around, you are done with your BS stories, the limiting beliefs and all that is blocking you.  You are ready to RECEIVE ALL that is available for you. 

Why NOW?

You know why. It's your turn to shine, isn't it?


Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

It's your time to do this thing you want to do.

I don't need to give you a list of 10,000 scarcity reasons why it's your time. You know you want to join us:

  • Speak on stages
  • Write your book
  • Generate more money in your business
  • Change those old BS stories for GOOD!
  • Spend 6 months in a supportive & collaborative environment and walk out with a unique coaching certification program.  One comprehensive set of tools for your toolbox
  • You're done f*cking around -- it's your time

Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your payment plan:

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